World Conquest 8 Winner: Wardens 14d : 04h : 40m : 04s
Resistance Mode
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Wardens Colonials Total
Casualty Rate
Enlistments Scorched Victory Towns
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Oarbreaker Isles
Fishermans Row
Stema Landing
Nevish Line
Farranac Coast
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/hr /hr
Callums Cape
/hr /hr
Kings Cage
/hr /hr
/hr /hr
Ash Fields
Speaking Woods
The Moors
/hr /hr
The Linn of Mercy
/hr /hr
Loch Mór
/hr /hr
The Heartlands
/hr /hr
Red River
Basin Sionnach
Reaching Trail
/hr /hr
Callahans Passage
/hr /hr
/hr /hr
Umbral Wildwood
/hr /hr
Great March
/hr /hr
Howl County
Viper Pit
/hr /hr
Marban Hollow
/hr /hr
The Drowned Vale
/hr /hr
Shackled Chasm
/hr /hr
Clanshead Valley
Weathered Expanse
/hr /hr
The Clahstra
/hr /hr
Allods Bight
/hr /hr
Morgens Crossing
Stlican Shelf
/hr /hr
Endless Shore
/hr /hr
Reavers Pass
Tempest Island
The Fingers
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